Skandal Lutung Kasarung II

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Scene 8
Tonight, the queen held a masked party to celebrate the victory of his prince. All princesses are invited in the party. Guruminda obey her aunt to come like was told to her before.
Queen : “Please enjoy the party tonight, beautiful daughters.”
Purbasongko : “(walking toward Guruminda standing in the middle of the invitation. And he also saw the figure of a beautiful daughter, then he approached the princess). Why just stay alone here?"
Guruminda : "I'm not familiar with this kind of party. This party does not suit me just an ordinary girl, not a royal princess. "
Purbasongko : "Why do you think like that? You are graceful and beautiful you do not look like the usual girl, you are special , even you can deserve to be a royal princess. "
Guruminda : "Prince do not praise me like that, you say like that because Prince did not know the real me."
Purbasongko : "In my eyes you are a good figure."
Guruminda : "Enough Prince, do not compliment me on, I've too often touted as this".
Purbasongko : "As you know, I am the king of gombalers actually."
Guruminda : (only smile and not to laugh).
Suddenly came the Princess Indrayeni and Prince Purbabuana.
P. Indrayeni : "Hey let's dance Prince Purbasongko."
P.Purbabuana : "Hey what the hell you were dancing with me."
P. Indrayeni : "Ih as you know I'm bored with you."
P.Purbabuana : "How could you say like that, I love you."
Princess Indrayeni pulls Prince Purbasongko to her side. In the other side, Guruminda left alone.Purbasongko just glance at Guruminda who are taking her scarf from the floor.

Scene 9
In the garden of the palace, Purbasongko thinking of the girl who met him at the party last night.
Purbasongko : (thinking, and he started to confuse)
Purbabuana : “What’s up Bro! What do you thinking about?”
Purbasongko : “Like usual, thinking about girl.”
Purbabuana : “Owh......., but don’t think about Indrayeni, my girl!”
Purbasongko : “Slow Bro! I don’t think about your fickle girl, but I’m thinking about the girl last night.”
Purbabuana : “The girl who use yellow shawl in the dance party?”
Purbasongko : “Yes, She was. I think I’m falling in love with her.”
Purbabuana : “Really? So strugle your love.”
Purbasongko : “Yes, thanks Bro. If She is really my love , we will meet again.”

Scene 10
One day while had a hunting in the forest , Purbasongko suddenly fell off and his feet are wounded because he hit a rock in the forest. Guruminda suddenly look at Purbasongko that lied beside a large rock, she supported Him and took Him to his house.
Aunt Ratri : “Who is he, nduk?”
Guruminda : “This prince, who met me aat the party that night, I found that he was lying in the middle of the forest.”
Aunt Ratri : “Let me treat him.”
A few moments later Purbasongko in his consciousness.
Purbasongko : “Where am I? Who are you?”
Guruminda : “You are in my house, you were lying in the middle of the forest and I brought you here to be treated by my aunt.”
Purbasongko : “Thank you”
Guruminda : “Now that you've enough healed wounds.”
Purbasongko : “(Looking at the scarf worn by Guruminda) That scarf?”
Guruminda : “Yeah Prince is my scarf.”
Purbasongko : “It means you girls at the party that night?”
Guruminda : “Yes I am.”
Purbasongko : “But?”
Guruminda : “Yes actually my face like this, I could become a whole person when there is a full moon.”
Purbasongko : “Why it can happen like that?”
Guruminda : (only silence)
Purbasongko : “Oh, enough. No need to be answered. I want to make a friend with you not because of your physical or your beauty. I'm sincere. I do no care about how you look like. I just know that you’ve helped me. By the way, what is your name?”
Guruminda : “Yes thank you Prince. My name Guruminda.”
Purbasongko : “Auww! (Holding the wound) I must go home now”
Guruminda : “But the prince. You can’t, you are still sick.”
Purbasongko : “No matter. I can go home alone. Say my thanks to your Aunt.”
Gurumida : “Really? Well prince I would told my aunt later. Be careful on the road.”

scene 11
Purbasongko went to Guruminda’s house. What will he do? And Does he meets Guruminda? Watch in the TKP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purbasongko : “Excuse me, any body home?”
Aunt Ratri : “Wait a minute. What do you looking for, Prince?”
Purbasongko : “Is there Guruminda Aunt?”
Aunt ratri : “Sorry Prince, Guruminda is in the lake. why do you looking for her?”
Purbasongko : “I think I love her. Okey, I will go there. Thak you Aunt. (run)”
Aunt Ratri : “But, you can’t love her. Prince wait for me!!!! (catch Prince)”
In the lake, Guruminda is sitting on the bank of the lake. she is enjoying the lake’s water.
Purbasongko : “Guruminda...................... where are you? Guruminda.....................”
Guruminda : “(shocked) Prince!!!!! Prince Purbasongko!!”
Purbasongko : “Guruminda.......... where are you?”
Guruminda : “Prince Purbasongko..... what’s wrong? Prince......”
Purbasongko : “Guruminda.......Guruminda.......”
Guruminda : Prince..............
(Purbasongko and Guruminda colliding)
Purbasongko : “Guruminda….”
Guruminda : “Prince Purbasongko. Do you need any help?”
Purbasongko : “Guruminda........”
Guruminda : “Yes, what? Do you need my help?”
Purbasongko : “I only need you to love me. I’m falling in love with you.”
Guruminda : “But how can it’s happen? I’m a monkey.”
Purbasongko : “I love you, the only you. Your self. Not your phyisicaly but it is pure because of your heart.
Guruminda : “Actually I also love you. But, i know that I’m a monkey, I’m not a royal princess, and I don’t have any things like what you have. So, I think you should not love me.”
Purbasongko : “Guruminda don’t say like that. I really love you. To prove my love, I will bring you to my mother. (pull Guruminda)”
Guruminda : “But Prince........................................”
Not long after that.............
Aunt Ratri : “(see that Guruminda and Purbasongko have gone) Hey.....where will you go? Actually Aunt happy if you are happy because you have found your love, Nduk. But why must him? Why must prince Purbasongko????????? Wait for Aunt, nduk!!!!!”

Scene 12
Today is the day when the prince was appointed Purbabuana Majalengka king in the kingdom.
Queen : “Well, my son! Today is your big day. I give you this throne to you. Take good care.”
Purbabuana : “All right mother, I promised to guard it with my life.”
Then .......
P. Indrayeni : “Purbabuana! Purbabuana!”
Purbabuana : “What? What? What?”
P. Indrayeni : “Your brother came with monkey.”
Queen : “Monkey?”
P. Indrayeni : “Yes mother. Prince Purbasongko came with monkey .”
All of a sudden .....
Purbasongko : “Excuse me mother. I come today in the appointment of the king with a friend.”
Queen : “Where is she?”
Purbasongko : “She was next to me. She is my friend. I love it. I want to marry her.”
Queen : “Oh fools Prince.”
Purbasongko : “I'm sorry mother, I really love her.”
Queen : “I can not believe it, why you can love a monkey. Embarrassing.”
Aunt Ratri suddenly come
Aunt Ratri : “Stop all this! As long as you know the Queen, I have a big secret that will reveal all this. Actually, eighteen years ago King Topo married a daughter of the great kingdom named Dewi Anjani opposite is none other than the mother of Guruminda.Dewi Anjani has helped this kingdom as the kingdom's economy is currently experiencing an economic crisis. Now I ask the Queen to acknowledge his crime.
Queen : “What crime?”
Aunt Ratri : “You want me to reveal everything you want to admit or own?”
Queen : “Okay okay, eighteen years ago I have been slandered and cursed Dewi Anjani’s baby into a monkey. So that there is only me in the heart of a great King Topo.”
Aunt Ratri : “So Guruminda, you must not love Prabusongko.”
Prabusongko : “So??? our father is the same!”
Aunt ratri : “Yes ......... love you both can not be reconciled.”

Both of them were broken hearth. Not long after that, Aunti Ratri asked Purbasongko to looking for the other girl, she was Princess Shinta from nearest kingdom. While Guruminda did the Kingdom’s tradition not to marry if she became the leader of the Kingdom. Since her avowal about her cruelty, the Queen had a serious sickness.

^_^ THE END ^_^
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