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Scene 1
One day in Majalengka kingdom that led by a queen who has left by her husband. That royal kingdom had two wise prince their name Prabu Purbabuana and named Prabu Purbasongko. His mother love them so much for both of the princes. One time, there was a meeting that discussed the continuation of the Majalengka kingdom king.
Queen : “My son, you have enough mature ages to lead the kingdom to replace your father’s position. Thus your mother will choose one of you to become the king for this kingdom.”
Purbabuana : “I think it will be much better, my mother. If I become the leader of this empire. Because I am much more mature than Purbasongko.”
Queen : “But my son, your brother is also eligible to become a leader in the kingdom.”
Purbasongko : “How we can continue to compete in choosing the position of the king in this royal kingdom mother?”
Queen : “It's what I am thinking about, now.”
Purbabuana : “That’s good, mothers.”
and Purbasongko

Scene 2
Today, the Queen will announce the requirements for both the princes to fight for king position in the royal Majalengka.
Queen : “Well my son because you're ready to listen to the requirements then I will read the requirements you must fulfill.”
Purbabuana : “Quick, Mom read the requirements. I can’t wait longer to hear it.”
Queen : “Both my sons. The requirements you must complete is that you must be tough in the physical, can solve a problem that is threatening the kingdom and your people, and good at getting what you want.”
Purbabuana : “Then what's that?”
Queen : “You have to win the battle between you two, can seek the solution of problems which I gave, and the last you should be able to collect the hunted animals as many as you can get. If one of you can win two of three requirements then you deserve to be a leader in this kingdom.”
Purbabuana : “See my little brother, I'm sure for this competition I will win it all.”
Purbasongko : “We'll see it soon, my old brother.”

Scene 3
In a garden Purbasongko was thinking of a way to win the third contest. Suddenly there came from the Sukabumi kingdom Princess Indrayeni of being involved in his father's visit to stay in touch with Majalengka kingdom.
P. Indrayeni : “Oh my prince, why do you seem sad? Did not you see I come here for you?”
Purbasongko : (still do not care)
P. Indrayeni : “You can talk with me if you have a problem. Just do it.”
Purbabuana : “My princess, when do you come? Why don’t you give me a news?”
P. Indrayeni : “Is it important for me, huh?”
Purbabuana : “I love you princess.”
P.Indrayeni : “What??!!! Once again I said yes, if I just despise your younger brother, Purbasongko.”
Purbabuana : “I am more handsome, more mature don’t you know it?.”
P.indrayeni : “That’s only what you think. We better go, Purbasongko.”
P. Indrayeni and Purbasongko left Purbabuana.
Purbabuana : “Don’t leave me my love. Wait for me!”

Scene 4
Day of the match between the prince arrived. The first match was a physical contest between them.
P.Indrayeni : “Prince, you have to win this match for me, okay. Good luck.”
Purbasongko : (only stay cool)
Purbabuana : “My love, give me special spirit for me, I promise I will win this match.”
P.Indrayeni : Uh…. You almost make my head burning.
The game began. They compteed each other with their respective strengths. Having devoted all their strength. Finally Purbabuana win this war game.
P.Indrayeni : “Well, Purbasongko lost. It’s better if I am approaching Purbabuana.”
Purbabuana : “Hi my love. I've proved that I won this match for you.”

P. Indrayeni : “You were really great.”
Purbabuana : “Yes of course that’s me, I am prince Purbabuana.”
P. Indrayeni : (smiles)
Purbasongko : “(talking to himself) Oh she is a fickle girl.”

Scene 5

Day two play-off to be king. Queen Topo Agung prepared to provide some questions arise for both the prince.
Queen : “Okey my son, this is the first question for both of you. 1. When did your father born?”
Prabubuana : “Em.....I know mother! I think my father was born earlier than me.”
Queen : “Oh my son, your answer is funny but it is not right.”
Prabusongko : “Oh brother actually you are not as clever as me. Mother I know the answer, my father was born in 1950.”
Purbabuana : “Don’t so arrogant, your answer not certanly true.”
Queen : “Stop!Stop!Stop! Enough my princes, actually Purbasongko is right.”
Purbabuana : “No mother, Purbasongko’s answer is wrong I think. For the next question I will be the right answerer.”
Queen : “Enough my son. We continue to the second question. What was your father hobby?”
Purbabuana : “For this question, I believe my answer is right. My father like playing PES actually.”
Queen : “Oh......Purbabuana, not a good answer.”
Purbasongko : “Oh brother, once again you make yourself ashemed with a stupid answer. Mother, I know the answer, He like hunting animal in the forest.”
Queen : “Yes, you are right Purbasongko. So the winner from this competion is Purbasongko.”

Scene 6
The third day of the match determination to be king. Both the prince must collect as many hunted animals. Winner of this match is Purbabuana. Purbabuana has won two games in three matches held by her mother. Finally, Purbabuana who became king at Majalengka kingdom.
Queen : “Congratulations my son. You are the king in this kingdom.”
Purbabuana : “Thanks my mother. It is worthy to be the king in this kingdom for me.”
Purbasongko : “Good my brother, you deserved to be king in this kingdom.”
Purbabuana : “Thank you my brother., Do not be disappointed. Everyone knows I'm the one who will be the winner of every game.”
Purbabuana : “Whatever you say.”
Queen : “Next week you will be king I Inaugurated, be ready.”
Purbabuana : “Okay Mom.”

Scene 7
In a part of forest there lived a middle-age woman and a monkey. That monkey was actually a princess from a kingdom across the forest that cursed by a witch. That monkey can turn into a human if she had a dip in a lake in the middle of the forest on a full moon. Meanwhile, at the age of 17 years she can be a real girl.
Aunt Ratri : “Aunt remember that two days again you will 17 years old, Nduk. It means that your curse will lost.”
Guruminda : “Thanks Aunt. Because you have looking after me until this time. I’m happy, although I never felt our parents’s love, but I can found it from you. Than you very much Aunt.”
Aunt Ratri : “(talking to her self) I’m sorry for keeping a secret about where you came from, Nduk.”
Guruminda : “What do you say Aunt?”
Aunt ratri : “No, nothing. Aunt just think of something else. Today I hear that Majalengka kingdom will held dance party and all of girl are invited. So tomorrow please you have to come to the dance parti that will be held in the kingdom.”
Guruminda : “Why should I come? But just look at my condition .”
Aunt Ratri : “I am sorry for not being able to tell the reason. Tomorrow is a full moon, so before you come to the party you have to take a bath first in the middle of a forest lake.”
Guruminda : “Okay Aunt, I will obey what Auntie said.”
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